The Highpointe Difference

We call it Highpointe Harmony. Starting with a “holistic” home building approach, Highpointe has designed in special details you may not readily see, but really make Highpointe different. Highpointe’s state-of-the-art air exchange system provides fresh clean climate-controlled air throughout your home all year long ensuring ultimate comfort. We use sustainable, environmentally-friendly building materials like steel and concrete so your home is fire, moisture, mold, and insect resistant.

Metal roofing, over-sized windows and superior cladding protects your home investment long-term and enhances sound insulation. Heat pump technology creates enhanced energy efficiency for appliances and home heating, while keeping monthly expenses low. Highpointe’s attention to interior design creates space efficiency, while our solariums and ground floor terraces add additional living space to enjoy all year round.

HIGHPOINTE. An unparalleled blend of contemporary living and natural surroundings